When people say goodbye to attend a team-building event, they want to spend their time well. Many people are very busy at work and want to spend half a day or an entire day outside the office, and want to make sure there is a purpose and that the team building event respects it. In essence, they want the effectiveness of building their team to be effective. Unfortunately, many people who attended ineffective events were skeptical about their participation in those events.

I doubt that the organization is organizing a team-building event to be effective for the team members involved. On the contrary, a specific event is an option that does not meet the requirements. This often occurs when the event organizer does not fully understand the purpose of the event and if the option selected is appropriate. If neither or both are not understood, it is very difficult to ensure that the option chosen is effective for the group.

In such cases, the people who organized the team will choose the option that suits them. The law of averages means that they will bang their heads as they occasionally have. This means that the option chosen will adapt to the group and provide what it seeks to achieve: be effective. But most of the time, this will not be appropriate and, therefore, the activity will not provide any learning related to the group and, therefore, will not be effective.

Therefore, if you are in charge of choosing a team building event that is also effective for the team, I suggest you do two things. The first is that you must ensure that you understand what the group wants to do from the event. Regardless of the reason for your event, as long as you know what they are. After all, how can you choose an effective team if you don’t know or don’t understand what you are trying to achieve? Second, you must choose the options that meet and deliver what you are looking for so that the group leaves the day. To do this, you must understand what the activity is and how it relates to what you want the group to achieve.

If you follow the two simple steps described above: understand what you want to achieve when creating a team and select an option that produces the desired results: your team creation event will be effective for you and the team.

Nicola Hunt works for Sandstone Limited to create unique and innovative team building activities that are available only through them or from one of their designated international partners.